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{September 29, 2008}   Virtual Worlds and Second Life

Last Tuesday I went along to the ‘Virtual Worlds and Second Life’ workshop given by Jenny which covered the following:

  • Virtual worlds
  • Second Life
  • Examples, with particular focus on Imperial College’s presence in Second Life
  • Hands-on – create an ‘avatar’ and explore Second Life.

In the ‘Hands on’ part of the session I created my own avitar ‘Sim Savira’ and with help from Katie managed to ‘teleport’ her to the South Kensington campus within Second Life. Unfortunately I didn’t get very far in the virtual hospital as I was distracted by making her fly, chatting to other workshop participants and attempting to change her appearance!

I thought that Second Life was amazing, and I was very impressed with how the Faculty of Medicine are using it for game-based learning activities based on virtual patients. I did think, however, that Second Life does take a bit of time to get to grips with, and you do need a high end video card and broad band to use it, so some students working off-site may have difficulties accessing it. I hadn’t used a ‘pie menu’ before, but maybe because I don’t play computer games I found it a bit tricky! I also think that it’s very easy to become distracted from the task in hand when on Second Life!


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