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{September 10, 2008}   Falling behind…

I attended the workshop last Thurs 4th, but haven’t managed to complete any of the ‘Podcasts and multimedia’ activities yet so I’m a bit concerned that I’m getting behind! At least I’m here, however, at the self-paced session this morning and I’ve signed up for an account with Ning. I’m familiar with social networking as I use Facebookon a regular basis. The majority of my friends and colleagues have joined Facebook which is why I signed up, and some of my more creative friends have Myspacepages. Ning has a similar simple interface to FaceBook, and in the same way allows you to add friends to an initial basic profile. It does seem a bit limited, however, in comparison to FaceBook, as to how you can personalise your profile. I can’t seem to find any applications to add!

Going back to last week, John Conway’s ‘Multimedia in HE’ workshop was very mind expanding! Amongst other things I found out about the differences between steaming and podcasting, what an ‘oscilloscope’ looks like and how the physics department are using these new mediums of podcasts and videos to teach students. I was particularly impressed with the ‘Virtual Oscilloscope’ and John’s iPod touch! The virtual oscilloscope is a simulation within an online tutorial where students can play around with a model rather than the genuine piece of expensive equipment. A very impressive interactive example of web 2.0 in action!


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