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{August 29, 2008}   iGoogle personalised page

I was bombarded with a variety of options this week and the majority of them I only had time to read about. Perhaps Tuesday morning after a Bank Holiday weekend isn’t the best time to start exploring new 2.0 areas, but I still went along to the self-paced session and managed to set up my own personlised homepage in iGoogle. I added some of the tools that I’ve discovered so far on the programme such as my RSS feed and my bookmarks, as well as FaceBook which I already use. I also added an extra tab for Google Earth.

I have been using my iGoogle page everyday since Tuesday, as Google is my choice of search engine and when I click on the ‘Google’ link within my favourites I am automatically taken in to iGoogle without having to log in which is great! I love the ‘Communication’ tab where I can sign into Hotmail and Facebook all on the same page and check my inboxes. Very handy.

Read through the other activities and I think that the only one which I might spend some time investigating further is ‘Google documents’, which look like they could be useful for creating & uploading word documents. It’s good to be aware of what the others are but not sure how much time I’ll have to do the activities for them…


Hi Simone, There was a lot of ground covered this week, but it sounds like you’ve been playing with a few of the suggested technologies. I think Google docs is a winne as I’ve even got my parents using it!

simonelipsticklibrarian says:

Hi Katharine, Thanks for your comment! I’ll investigate Google docs further during the catch up week at the end of this month!

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