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{August 22, 2008}   Social bookmarking & tagging

I’ve now got my own account set up with and with a bit of help from Lawrence I managed to import all 150 of my Explorer favourites. So I now have lots of bookmarks saved with tags which don’t make much sense such as ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘imported’!! I made a start on re-doing the tags but I think that this is going to take some time…

I definitely think that it will be worth it though because they’re all retagged they will be much easier to find within the tag cloud . I think that it is a great improvement having a single set of bookmarks which can be shared. If for some reason my ‘Explorer Favourites’ vanish then all I have them all there on the Delicious website instead. I also love the visual depiction of the tag cloud. I must now remember to download the delicious toolbar widget into my Internet Explorer browser, as I couldn’t do this in the training room PC…

I didn’t get round to setting up a Flickr account, but I don’t have a digital camera so I can’t see much point at the moment. All my friends use FaceBook for sharing photos so I’ll stick to that for now…


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