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{August 1, 2008}   Wiki

I set my Wetpaint wiki up on Wednesday in the self paced session. It’s got a picture, a couple of paragraphs and a link to this blog. I think that it would definitely be appropriate in a work context. My team IRD already have a wiki on the confluence system and we all chip in with putting up and amending procedures. I’m much more familiar with confluence so I find that easier to use, but I think that wetpaint is a more sophisticated system where you can start threads, post replies and make ‘friends’ a bit like FaceBook. I have an interest in e-books but I think that a blog would be more appropriate for that than a wiki, as a wiki is more about involving several contributors.

The hardest thing I’m finding with this programme is keeping track of all the various sites and passwords! I’ve set up ‘Learning 2.0’ folders in my Outlook Favourites and in Hotmail and I’ve got a good old fashioned ring-bound folder with print outs and notes in!!


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